Springless ultra-clean diaphragm valves cover up to 20slm and provide extremely low dead volume.

   Injection Valve: to help get the film deposition as thin as possible, our remote controlled injection valves provide fast response time (9.4 msec), long life span (10,000,000 cycles) and low flow.

   High Flow Valves: with an extremely low internal volume, they provide a high flow coefficient (Cv:0.45).

   Medium Temperature: these valves are recommended for temperatures going up to 160°C.

   1" 1/8 C-seal diaphragm valve: this valve helps your gas systems remain compact. Standard semi.

   Manifold: designed for purge or vent functions into gas panels.

   Bellows Shut-Off valves: F-series: Available in 2, 3 and 4 ways port configuration, with manual toggle or 1/4 turn and pneumatic normally open or closed. The bellows valves cover flow rates up to 50slm.

   High Temperature valves: for processes using ambiant or gas temperature up to 240°C.

   High Flow valves: withstand flow rates up to 400slm using the same housing as the standard flow valves.

   High Temperature & High Flow: recommended for temperature up to 240°C and flows up to 400slm.

   Mutiways valves: monobloc with multi-actuators, they keep your gas systems very compact.

   Metering and vernier metering valves for manual and very accurate gas flows adjustment.

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