E-5700 Series

   Series E-5700 power supply/readout systems are based on economical dual-channel control modules for use with mass flow meters/controllers and electronic pressure transducers/controllers. The E-5700 series comprises simple, low cost units for users who do not require the advanced features of the E-7000/E-7001 FLOW-BUS series.


1 indicator per 2 channels, with selector switch,

1 command potentiometer per channel,

1 internal/external command signal switch.

FLOW-BUS E-7000 Series

    The E-7000 digital single-channel control module was developed for mass flow measurement and control systems. Its application is not limited to operation in combination with mass flow controllers and pressure controllers, but it can also be used with other transmitters or transducers, or in master/slave control systems. The micro-processor based single-channel module offers the possibility to show tag numbers, measurement identifications, fluid names and totalizing units on top of the measurement and command signals in percent of max. flow or direct reading units.


User-friendly operation, menu driven with 5 push buttons.

Suitable for digital or analog instruments, Indication of measured value on a 2-line.

16-figure display in percent or direct indication.

Internal/external command.

Master/Slave control.

Totalization or batchcounter functions.

Programmable alarm functions.

NO/NC relay.

Programming of 8 polynomial functions per module.

Password protection of settings.

Setpoint slope control.

Purge/shutoff modes, easy accessible.

HOST CONTROL by PC, by means of an RS-232 interface.


   Based on the modular technique of the single channel modules, it is easy to assemble multi-channel executions. This way 3 channels fit into a ½ 19" housing and 6 channels fit into a 19" housing, either for rack mount or table top. For most applications one power supply can serve three channels.


For application with EX-FLOW instruments one blind power supply module should be used in combination with max. two single channel modules. EX-FLOW modules contain an additional isolation amplifier for intrinsically safe operation of the field mounted instruments.


For Controlled Evaporation Mixing ("CEM") systems two single channel modules are usually combined with a module for temperature control. These modules can be used for local or remote temperature indication and control.


For application requiring host control by PC Bronkhorst High-Tech offers a module including a RS232/ FLOW-BUS interface.

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