MPC series

ANSI/ISA 76.00.02- compliant design, 1,5 in (38,2 mm) platform Compact footprint minimizes space requirements.

Lightweight, easy-to-assemble design.

Shut-off, needle, metering, toggle and check valves, as well as filter surface-mount components.


MPC system

   The modular platform component system is a fluid distribution system designed for use within process analyzer and sample-handling systems. The MPC system includes a complete selection of MPC series components and a com­plementary design tool called the MPC System Configurator.

Modular Platform Components

   The components consist of a variety of surface-mount compo­nents, which are ANSI / ISA 76.00.02-compliant, and a large selection of substrate and manifold flow components, which create the fluid distribution system. Standard O-rings provide the seal between all the components. Modular technology allows the user to easily customize each system for a specific application and reduces installation and maintenance time.

MPC System Configurator

   The MPC System Configurator helps simplify system design and component selection and assembly. Once the user selects and connects the surface mount components, the Configurator identifies all of the other required components. 

Surface-Mount Components

Pneumatically actuated valves. T2A series.

Needle valves, D series.

High-pressure diaphragm valves. DP series.

Tee-type filters, TF series.

Adapters and caps.

Substrate and Manifold Components

Substrate channels and flow components.

Manifold channels and flow components.

Parallel manifold channels and flow components.

0-rings. assembly hardware and support blocks.

Service Ratings

Substrate and Manifold Components.

Pressure rating: 1000 psiq (68.9 bar).

Temperature rating

with fluorocarbon FKM seals: 20 to 300 F (-6 to 148C).

with optional Buna N seals: 0 to 203 F (-17 to 93C).

Materials of Construction Surface-Mount Bodies, Caps, and Adapters

Wetted materials: 31 6L SS (ASTM A276 or A479) and CF3M cast (ASTM A351).

Substrate and Manifold Components

Wetted materials: 316L SS (ASTM A276 A479) and fluorocarbon FKM or optional Buna N.

Non-wetted materials: aluminum (alloy 2024-T351, hard –coat anodized) and  300 series stainless steel.

Cleaning and Processing

Specification SC-10, Standard Cleaning and Packaging.

MPC Assembly Process

A typical MPC system consists of three layers—a substrate layer, a manifold layer, and a surface-mount layer.

The substrate and manifold layers are combined to form the conduit for the system fluid, and they can be customized for any flow configuration.

The surface-mount layer provides shut-off, flow control, and filtering capabilities for the system fluid.

The foot and support components provide panel-mounting capability for the MPC assembly.

The complete MPC fluid system is assembled with simple mounting components and standard hardware.

Substrate Layer

The substrate layer provides the main flow path between the surface-mount components.

The substrate layer consists of a substrate channel and a variety of drop-in substrate flow components.

The substrate channels are available in a variety of lengths to accommodate up to 14 surface-mount components.

The MPC System Configurator identifies the component-; required for the substrate layer.

Manifold Layer

The manifold layer provides the flow path between two or more parallel substrates.

The manifold layer consists of a manifold channel and a variety of drop-in manifold flow components.

The manifold channels are available in a variety of lengths to accommodate up to 6 parallel substrates.

The MPC System Configurator identifies the components required for the manifold layer.

Mounting Blocks

The foot bolts to each end of the substrate layer. providing panel-mount capability.

The support bolts underneath the substrate layer, providing mid-line support for longer substrates.

The spacer foot bolts two substrate assemblies together end to end. maintaining standard surface-mount spacing between them.

The MPC System Cofigurator identifies the mounting blocks required for the system.

Substrate-Manifold Assembly

The substrate layer bolts over the manifold layer to create the substrate-manifold assembly.

An O-ring (not visible) provides a leak-tight seal between the substrate and manifold layers.

Surface-Mount Layer

Surface-Mount Components.

The surface-mount components bolt to the top of the substrate-manifold assembly to- complete the fluid system.

O-rings provide leak-tight seals between the surface-mount components and the substrate layer.

The surface-mount components are available in a variety of shut-off, metering, and filtering styles with 2- or 3-port surface-mount bodies.

Surface-Mount Adapters and Caps

The adapters and caps are designed to bolt to the top of the substrate layer with the same foot­print as a surface-mount component.

The adapter provides a direct connection to the substrate layer and is available in a variety of fitting styles.

The cap provides a cover for an unused position on the substrate layer.

0-rings provide the leak-tight seals.

Typical MPC Assembly

An MPC series assembly provides a compact fluid distribution system with a reduced footprint for efficient use of component space. A standard O-ring provides, a leak-tight seal between each surface- mount and substrate flow component, and between the substrate and manifold flow components.

Surface-mount components can easily be serviced from the top of the assembly without disturbing any other corn

All surface-mount components, adapters, and cops o interchangeable on any surface-mount position because of the modularity of components and the use of the standart ANSI. ISA 76.00.02 interface.

Typical MPC Series Cutaway

The system below consist of a 5-position assembly with a manifold layer assembled below Position 3. At this position, flow is diverted in two directions - up to the surface-mount component and down into the manifold layer.

MPG System Configurator

MPC system component selection and the assembly process are simplified with the use of the MPC system Configurator a CD-ROM software program. The Configurator allows, the user to create a customized system by defining, placing, and connecting surface-mount components on a layout grid.

Once the layout is complete, the configurator identifies the MPC series flow connectors (including substrates,, manifolds, seals, and assembly hardware/ that are necessary to build the complete system. A bill of material is generated for ease of ordering components, and an assembly diagram is produced to facilitate assembly.


Standard Windows® menus and icon buttons.

Easy drag-and-drop interface for creating the layout.

Expandable grid for unlimited configurations.

Bill of material with itemized part numbers: exportable to a text file for editing or e-mailing.

Overall size and system weight calculations included.

Assembly diagram (not shown) for easy reference.

Pneumatically Actuated Valves, T2A Series

Temperature rating: 0 to 300 F (-17 to 148 C).

Flow coefficient: 0.07.

Wetted components-: CF3M body. 316 SS stem, and fluorocarbon FKM seals.

Top air inlet port: 1 8 in. female NPT connection.

Optional indicator switch and visual indicator for normally closed valves.

Options for Normally Closed Valves

The indicator switch provides electronic indication of the position of the valve. To order, add M to the ordering number. Example: SS-MPC-T2A-2-CM.

The visual indicator provides a mud indication of the op­position of the valve with a pop-up button. To order, add  -PI to the ordering number. Example: SS-MPC-T2A-2-C-PI.

Needle Valves, D Series

Pressure rating: 1000 psig (68.9 bar).

Temperature rating: 0 to 200 F (-17 to 148C) with PCTFE stem tip: 0 to 300 F (-17 to 148 C) with PEEK stem tip.

Flow coefficient: 0.10.

Wetted components: CF3M body. 316 SS stem, fluorocarbon FKM stem seal, arid PCTFE or PEEK stern tips.

Non-rotating stem provides repetitive shutoff.

Visual Indicator Option

An optional red band under the handle provides visual indication of the open, position. To order, add -PI as a suffix to the ordering number. Example: SS-MPC-ODK-2-PI.

Multiple Options

To order both an optional handle color and the visual indication, add the designators to the ordering number in alphabetical order. Examples: SS-MPC-GDK-2-PI-YW, SS-MPC-ODK-2-BL-PI.Pressure rating: 300 psig (20.6 bar)

Temperature rating: 0 to 200 F (-17 to 93 C).

Wetted components: CF3M body: 316 SS stem. PTFE stem tip, and fluorocarbon FKM stem seal.

Flow coefficient: 0.11.

Toggle handle is rotatable to desired position for ease actuation.

Optional handle positioner allows fixed positioning of handle.

Optional spring return pin helps prevent handle from being locked open.

Handle Positioner Option

To order, add -TGP as a suffix to the ordering number. Example: SS-MPC-OG-2-TGP.

Spring Return Pin Option

To order, add -SPR as a suffix to the ordering number Example: SS-MPC-OG-2-SPR.

Multiple Options

To order multiple options, add the designators to the ordering number in alphabetical order.

High-Pressure Diaphragm Valves, DP Series

Pressure rating: 1000 psig  (68.9 bar).

Temperature rating: 0 to 150 F (-17 to 65C).

Flow coefficient: 0.10.

Wetted components: 316L SS body, Elgiloy® diaphragms and PCTFE sear.

Directional handle - quarter-turn actuation with visual indication of open and closec. position.

Locking handle - quartet-turn actuation with lockout safety feature to prevent. actuation  (can be locked in the dose position only).

Handle Color Options

Standard handle is black. To order an optional handle color, add the color designator as a suffix to the ordering number. Example: SS-MPC-DPHL-2-RD.

Metering Valves, M Series.

Pressure rating: 1000 psiq (68.9 bar).

Temperature rating: 0 to 300F  (-18 to 148 C).

Wetted components: CF3M body, 316 SS stem, fluorocarbon FKM steel seals

Flow coefficient: 0.03 max.

Knurled, vernier, and slotted dandles available.

Tee-Type Filters, TF Series

Pressure rating; 1000 psig 68.9 bar.

Temperature rating: 0 to 300 F (-18 to 148 C).

Wetted components: 316L SS body: 316 SS bonnet elements gasket (silver) plated: 302 SS spring.

Replaceable elements, in a variety of micron sizes.

Check Valves, CH Series

Pressure rating: 1000 psig (68.9 bar).

Temperature rating: 0 to 3 psi (0 to 0,20 bar).

Crack pressure: 0 to 3 psi (0 to 0,2 bar):    minimum reseal pressure: 6 psi (0.41 bar) back pressure.

Wetted components: CF3M body, S16 SS poppet and poppet stop, 302 SS spring, and fluorocarbon FKM seals.

Flow coefficient: 0,09.

Surface-Mount Adapters

Material: 316LSS(CF3M)

Surface-mount component designed with a vertical port on the top of the adapter and a choice of one or two ports to the substrate layer below.

Vertical ports are available with tube fitting, female NPT, or tube stub connections.

Substrate Caps

Material: 316L SS (CF3N).

Surface-mount component designed to cover an unused position on the substrate layer.

Choice of a zero-port cap to block flow, across the surface-mount position, or a two-port cap to provide a flow path across the surface-mount position.

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