Modular technology

   We have significantly improved the gas delivery systems used in semiconductor equipment by employing advanced technology and engineering expertise to provide OEMs with a modular solution. Our modules are highly configurable with standard options that can be selected and integrated late in the assembly and test cycle. Our OEMs benefit from the ability to use our modules interchangeably across multiple product platforms and integrate them easily into their equipment. This substantially lowers costs while enabling the delivery of higher performance products to end user.

   In integrated, modular gas systems, the path is formed through standard stainless steel-machined blocks that bolt together. Active components such as valves and regulators are connected to the gas path by mounting onto the blocks. Modular technology preserves the ability to make any gas system configuration inherent to conventional welded systems for process tool gas systems and facility-wide gas distribution systems.

Modular gas systems allow for easy configuration, component standardization, and 50% reduced footprint compared to conventional gas systems. These advantages, in turn, lead to a number of additional customer benefits such as increased up-time due to enhanced serviceability, reduced inventory requirements, and improved cycle time.

We offer two standard designs of modular substrate blocks:
K1S – a 1.125" block design                                       NextGen gas delivery module

   We also provide turnkey design and build-to-specs services for modular surface mount technology of choice by customer.


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