the improved FLOKAL LVC
Liquid Vapor Controller 
F 414

> designed to measure and control the mass flow rate of doping materials by 
varying the flow of carrier gas through a bubbler containing the source material.


True vapor mass flow in bubbler systems.

Defeats influence of liquid level, temperature and pressure.

Liquid level surveillance possible.

Mounting position insensitive.

Good surface finish for ultra clean operation.

Various gas fitting configurations.

Heating temperature of bubbler much lower compared with direct vaporization.

Thermal control valve design gives:

> reliability,
> no hysteresis,
> smooth, fine control,
> a normally open flow path for gas line purging when power is off


- Carrier gas flow range:                                   from 50 sccm to 10 slm
- Vapor flow range:                                          from 12 mg/min to 40 g/min
- Minimum carrier gas flow:                                5% F.S.
- Maximum source flow:                                    40 g/min
- Accuracy:                                                    +/- 4% of F.S.
- Linearity:                                                     +/- 4% of F.S.
- Repeatability:                                                +/- 0.5% of F.S.
- Sensibility to Mounting Position:                        +/- 0.1% of F.S.
- Carrier Gas Response Time:                              10 sec. typical
- Gas& ambient temperature range:                     between 15 and 35C
                                                                    up to 40C on request
- Carrier gas Temperature Coefficient:                 < 0.1% F.S./C
- Operating pressure range differential:                between 0.6 bar and 3 bar
- Maximum line pressure:                                   4 bar
- Carrier gases:                                               H2, He, N2, O2, Ar, mixed gas
- Wetted Materials:                                          316 L Stainless
- Leak Integrity:                                              < 2.10-9 scc/sec (He)
- Standard Seals:                                             Viton (Kalrez 6375 on request)
- T.C. Filaments:                                              Gold plated tungsten or two wires nickel
- Gas connection:                                             VCR, VCO, Swagelok

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