We can build for you a customized gas System and integrate the generic parts you need.

    IGC II

    SEMI-PR3.1 compilant design

    Compact footprint minimizes space requirements

    Lightweight, easy-to-assemble components

Technical Data

Service Ratings

Pressure rating: 3000 psig (206 bar) at 70 F (21C), for substrate and manifold components.

Temperate rating: 120 C (248 F) operating: 150C .302 F) bakeout.

    Materials of Construction

Wetted components: 316L VIM.VAR stainless steel.

Non-wetted components: aluminum (hard-coat anodized alloy 2024-T351), stainless steel (alloy A286 and 303 SS), and plastic (polyethersulfone)

    Internal Surface Finish

Wetted components: electropolished 5 uin. (O.13um) Ra avg

Cleaning and Processing

Wetted Swagelok Ultrahigh-Purity Specification SC-01

The IGC II System

    A typical IGC II system consists of three layers - a substrate assembly, a manifold assembly, and mounting components.

    The manifold and substrate assemblies are combined to form the conduit for the system gas, and can be customized for any flow configuration.

    The IGC II components are assembled with simple mounting components and standard hardware.

    The IGC II system accepts any SEMI-PR3.1 compliant surface mount component.

    The Swagelok IGC II System Configurator. MS-21-22. is available on CD ROM to simplify the layout, selection, and ordering of IGC II components.

Substrate Assembly

    The assembly provides the flow path for the process gas through the gas stick.

    The substrate assembly consists of a substrate channel and a variety of drop-in flow components.

    The substrate channels are available in a variety of lengths to accommodate up to 14 surface-mounts.

Manifold Assembly

    The manifold assembly provides the flow path between two, or more parallel gas sticks.

    The manifold assembly consists of a manifold channel and a variety of drop-in flew components.

    The manifold channels are available in a variety of lengths to accommodate up to 10 parallel gas sticks.

    Optional parallel manifold assemblies are available to provide an additional flow path parallel gas sticks.

Substrate - Manifold Assembly

    The substrate assembly bolts over manifold the assembly.

    Ac-ring gasket assembly (not visible) provides a leaklight seal between the substrate component and manifold below.

    The substrate-manifold assembly accept any SEMI-PR3.1 compliant surface mount component.

Mounting Components and Caps

    A foot block to each end of the gas stick, providing panel-mount capability.

    A support block provides mid-line supports for longer gas sticks.

    A conversion plate provides the mounting capacity for a mass flow controller.

    A cap is available to cover an unused positbn on a substrate or manifold.

    A tube port is available to provide a 1/4 inch vertical tube port on a manifold or substrate.

IGS system


   Improve Basic Technology: safety and Clean Technology;

   Miniaturization: use of UPG & W-Seal Technology; reduce Size of Actuator ( 35mm to 25mm);

   Increase Reliability: use of UPG & W-Seal Technology;

   Simple to Make & Maintain: all Top Mount Components; uniform Connections; easier to Heat;

   Promote Standardization: full Line-up of Standard Components; standardize Design & Assembly with Flexibility; reduce Leadtime with Standard Parts;

   Cost Reduction: reduced Overall Cost Through Standardization, increased Reliability, and Ease of Assembly.

Sample IGS configurations

IGS PANEL WITH FCS. FCS (Flow control system) is a high perfomance prefilter, regulator, pressure transducer, and MFC in one compact package that reduces the size of assemblies by one third. Available in analog and digital versions.

IGS PANEL FOR GAS SUPPLY SYSTEMS. VMB (Valve Manifold Box) allows for more efficient use of cleanroom space.

ULTRA-COMPACT IGS (1,125"). Next generation ultra-compact IGS based upon the 1,125" footprint. Gas panels are smaller and lighter without sacrificing flow capacity.

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