Maintenance and repair of your delicate hardware.

   In various frontend processes (Diffusion/LPCVD/APCVD/PECVD/MOCVD and epitaxial), hardware endures quite a bit in the inherent harsh, abrasive, and corrosive environments. In many cases invaluable mechanical components are replaced without the consent of refurbishing. Nowadays in a demanding economical environment one can not afford the luxury to replace costly components infinitely. Flokal, with a history very much rooted in the frontend semiconductor production industry is very much aware and offers guidence for a cost effective solution to your maintenance programs.


We offer complete solutions in the Maintenance, repair and redesign of:

Gas systems; Vacuum systems; Sealing components; Reactor doors; Water cooled flanges and traps; Glycol cooled flanges and traps; Flexibel tubing; Cleaning procedures of deposition thin vacuum tubing.


Improve uptime

   With various renowned customers we have service programs in place where scheduled shutdowns are integrated with an inspection from outside on the critical hardware used in the various processes. A typical program includes a leekage check, a sealing capability assessment or a prevertive leekage polishing process.

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