Metrologic: MFC Service

We are an independent organization specialized in the service of Mass Flow Control devices. The service we provide is cleaning, repair, changing gas medium, flow range, calibration and leak checking.

Ten (10) good reasons to choose for FLOKALТ

  • More then 10 years experience in MFC service
  • Familiar with almost all manufacturer / models
  • Independent and certified organization
  • Using primary calibration-standards with eight (8) calibration gassess
  • Spare parts in stock
  • Clean-room facility
  • Each calibration is provided with a calibration certificate
  • Fast turn around
  • 24-hours service possible
  • Fair, competitive prices
  • The calibration facility



All calibrations and repairs are carried out in a conditioned area:

Particle class 10.000 (Fed.std.209C)

Temperature: 21± 1 єC

Relative humidity: 35-55 %  

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