flokal history

1992: Flokal was founded as a company specialized in the service of mass flow controllers and pressure transducers. With its home base in Deursen, the Netherlands, Flokal started to be renowned for its service excellence.

1992: Right from the beginning Flokal started to diversify its products. The thermo-couple development is an absolute success in our history. Today we provide custom made profiling thermocouples for a variety of applications to customers all over the world. The high quality and unique refurbishing concept have a great appeal to our customers.

1999: With an ever growing foothold in the semiconductor and petrochemical industry, the assortment of products continue to extend. In 1999 we affiliated with renowned equipment manufactures to become an even stronger partner for our customers. We offer complete Diffusion-oxidation furnaces, Temperature control systems, LTO/LPCVD/PECVD-systems, gas-supply-systems/vacuum systems and most recently etch systems.

2003: Throughout the years a significant need emerged for tailor designed analytical solutions. For that reason Flokal adapted and diversified their products even further. Currently our new process analysis business unit is growing rapidly to become a factor in the modern industry. And our last innovation in order to improve the customers satisfaction are our customized software solutions.

    Our outlook in the future is affirmed by our people.

    Motivated and knowledgeable people are the only way to success.

    For any particular request please contact:  info@flokal.eu

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